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Marcos Turqueti, Early Career Research Program Award (2021)

Marcos Turqueti is an electronics research engineer in the Engineering Division of the Physical Sciences Area. He researches low-temperature electronics for the instrumentation of superconductive magnets and develops control and diagnostic systems for the Magnet Development Program. He also develops electronics for the Neutrino Astrophysics Group and the Applied Nuclear Physics program at Berkeley Lab.
His award is to develop an electron beam magnetic field mapping technology for undulators and magnets, such as the undulators planned for the Advanced Light Source Upgrade at Berkeley Lab. Current magnetic field measurement technologies have limitations and require frequent recalibration. This project proposes a paradigm shift, aiming to develop a novel sensing technology based on a micro-Cathode Ray Tube (mCRT) integrated with an image sensor. This state-of-the-art magnetometer will eliminate the limitations of current systems and improve magnetic metrology in the future.
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