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Gretina Gamma particle device - loading detectors that were made in France. Bldg. 88.

88-Inch Cyclotron, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA

GRETINA (Gamma-Ray Energy Tracking In-beam Nuclear Array) is a gamma-ray detector to study the structure and properties of atomic nuclei. It is built from large crystals of hyper-pure germanium and it uses the concept of gamma-ray energy tracking. GRETINA was constructed at the Berkeley Lab’s 88-inch Cyclotron and completed two yearlong campaigns at MSU’s National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) and ANL’s Argonne Tandem LINAC Accelerator System (ATLAS). It is presently in another experimental campaign at NSCL. GRETINA is the first stage of the full Gamma-Ray Energy Tracking Array (GRETA).

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